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The writing is estimated on a 4-point scale according to 3 parameters: reading, analysis, text compilation. Independently, 2 examiners stand out their verdicts, therefore, for each of the 3 elements in total, you can score from 2 to 8 points. The mark for the essay is not included in the overall result of the SAT, on the contrary, it is indicated separately. Check out the official grading guidelines and essay examples. All instructions and strategies boil down to one thing: an essay in a new SAT is an analytical text. You need to carefully read the proposed passage and, using your persuasion skills, create an essay-based essay based on the facts contained in it. An essay worthy of the highest scores must meet the following requirements: lack of grammatical errors; variety of syntactic structures; balanced vocabulary (without inappropriate phrases); clear expression of the main idea; consistent development of reasoning (the most successful format is an essay consisting of 5 paragraphs). Spend your time wisely If you did apply for the essay section, then add another 50-minute segment to the main 3-hour exam.

Handouts include 1 blank sheet for the “outline” of the essay. Do not bother with drawing up full sentences during a brainstorming session. Only designate abstracts for 2-3 basic points (main paragraphs), arranging them in a logical order. In the manual you will be asked to analyze how the author uses facts, examples, as well as stylistic elements or methods of persuasion. Create your plan by combining these moments. Specify several keywords for the conclusion, and then quickly go to the essay itself. (By the way, this great technique is also useful for writing essays on college exams!) The volume itself is not a guarantee of a good estimate. But a brief acquaintance with examples of essays confirms: essays that score high points on the SAT are quite long. Fill out the answer pages in the test booklet, and let each paragraph with reasoning be written with your words the examiners are not too long of excessively long quotes borrowed from the source text.
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Cheap Essay Writing Service

The SAT is compiled by an organization called the College Board. What do you need to know about her?It is predictable. The task for the essay is always the same, only the sources that you have to analyze change.She wants the essay on the SAT to be a copy of a typical written work in college. Therefore, you need to demonstrate that you are a competent reader and a skilled “writer.” Therefore, the stupid mistakes associated with the facts and their interpretation will work against you.She needs a "formal style" and "objectivity." This is not an argumentative essay, so you do not need to talk about your agreement or disagreement with the passage given in the question. Give up completely the words "I" and "you."In total, examiners checking essays on the SAT should read approximately 2 million essays per year.

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When creating your text, remember them.They are paid to read all of your text, so you do not need to "cling" or entertain them. This is not the right time for jokes and flirting.They read quickly and give marks, based on their first impression. Make your statements simple and understandable, and the thread of the story obvious.They are probably experiencing fatigue, so try to make your essay readable and clear. Let the connection between ideas be explicit, and the indents that mark the beginning of each new paragraph are well visible.Of course, when it comes to preparing for writing essays in the process of passing time-limited tests, the best advice is simple: start as soon as possible.

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For many students, the SAT exam is a major challenge on the way to college. The newest version of the test with an edited section of essays appeared in March 2016. This article offers tips to help students prepare for writing an essay.

Now the essays are optional, and perhaps some high school students are delighted. But before deciding whether to take on this section or not, be sure to find out which requirements for essays are preferable for